Monday, January 31, 2011

Suzy Ramirez Intro. Letter

I was born in Oceanside and enjoy working with students of different ages, cultures, and grade levels. I currently work a school and my specialty is in special education. I have worked with students with different disabilities and special needs and plan on becoming a Speech Language Pathologist one day. 
As far as technology continuum, I am very slow. I have a PC and just know the basics. I enjoy using the computer, but don't know very much. This Mac is completely new for me and feel very lost. I hope to gain knowledge in this course, but I also understand that it will be very challenging for me.

After reading the CSUSM/COE Mission Statement, I think demonstrating a commitment to student-centered education and diversity is very important. The majority of students I have worked with are low-income families and English is their second language. I feel that as a future educator commitment to students is a key to success. Yes, this was a factor in my decision to apply to CSUSM. I wanted to attend a diversity university.